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Woman Executives in Aviation, Aerospace & Defense

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A new World Economic Forum report — The route to true gender equality? Fix the system, not the women — shows we need centuries to achieve gender equity. With interesting insights, it suggests a dramatic shift in strategy, focusing on income equality rather than wage equality. FA/AW News shares such articles in the belief we all need to have the same resources.

That is not to say progress is not being made. Female CEOs represent 19% of total Aerospace & Defense CEOs in the US, according to a study Soaring Through the Glass Ceiling: Taking the Global Aviation and Aerospace Industry to New Heights Through Diversity & Inclusion sponsored by the International Aviation Women’s Association and executed by Korn Ferry. This is well ahead of female CEOS across all industry at 5% but only 3% of airlines have women CEOs and, worse, the pipeline is thin, said the report.

A recent Harvard Business Review article explores why women make a difference when promoted to the C-Suite. Authors suggest similar results would come from studying other types of diversity. Many studies already show it is good for the bottom line.

Executives in the study were not household names allowing focus to shift from impressive achievements of individual female leaders in making it to the C-Suite to the broader impact of gender equity in the C-suite. After women joined the C-suite, firms became both more open to change and less risk-seeking. these organizations increasingly embraced transformation while seeking to reduce the risks associated with it. Firms shifted from a knowledge-buying strategy focused on M&As towards a knowledge-building strategy focused on internal R&D, The more effectively female executives were able to integrate into the managed team, the greater the impact they were likely to have on its decision-making.

FA/AW News has been looking for a comprehensive list of women aviation/aerospace executives. Failing that, it curated its own from research, including a recent Flightglobal report — Women have 14% of top airline jobs in slow trend towards parity and Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter.

The list has four takeaways. While women are making progress we have a long way to go. Still, we must celebrate those who have shattered the glass ceiling by leading airlines, aerospace & defense companies, government, associations, airports, museums and business aviation.

It is also designed to illustrate if someone has a passion — interior design, finance, computer science, operations, personnel, catering, writing, sales, engineering, marketing, politics, government relations, data science, flying, maintenance, they can find a place in aviation & aerospace.

Third, it illustrates women’s entrepreneurial spirit. these are women who believed in themselves to carve out a unique space in aviation/aerospace.

Finally, the list illustrates women have always been in aviation/aerospace, they have just been overlooked.

FA/AW News hopes you will help update and correct this list by crowdsourcing your additions. We especially need help with the first women to fly commercial jets for airlines.

For additions or corrections Contact: kcreedy@futureaviationaerospaceworkforce.com

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Aerospace & Defense

Sabine Klauke, EVP Engineering, Airbus Defense & Space

Gwynne Shotwell, CEO, SpaceX

Bernice Kiyo-Glen, Senior Consultant, C5BDI

Tay Fitzgerald, SVP advanced concepts, Raytheon Intelligence and Space

Pam Robertshaw, Head of Performance, Raytheon UK

Marie R. Sylla-Dixon as Chief Diversity Officer, Raytheon Technologies

Karen McConnell, Executive Director of Engineering, Blue Canyon Technologies, a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies

Mary Petrysqyn, president, Northrop Grumman Defense Systems

Kathy Warden, CEO, Northrop Grumman

Kweilen Hatleskog, Strategy Director, Northrop Grumman

Kirsten Dreggors, Vice President of Engineering, Manned Aircraft Design Center of Excellence, Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems

Janice Zilch, Vice President Manned Airborne Surveillance Programs, Northrop Grumman Aeronautical Systems

Shannon Hultbert, CEO, Opus Interactive

Lauren Lyons, Chief Operating Officer, Firefly Aerospace

Stephanie Hill, EVP Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems

Marillyn Hewson, Executive Chair, Lockheed Martin

Erica Leonard, Program Management Executive, Lockheed Martin Enterprise Systems

Kelly DeFazio, Orion Director of Production, Lockheed Martin

Lisa Callahan, Vice President Commercial Civil Space, Lockheed Martin Space

Colleen Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, Maxar Technologies

Eileen Drake, CEO, Aerojet Rocketdyne CEO

Michelle Lohmeier, Director, Nammo Defense Systems

Phebe Novakovic, Chair/CEO, General Dynamics

Leanne Caret, President/CEO, Boeing Defense, Space & Security

Anna Keeling, Managing Director, Boeing Defense UK

Diana Barr, Head of Executive Staffing, Boeing

Heather Ross, Deputy Chief Pilot 777/777X, Boeing

Kristin Robertson, Vice President/General Manager, Autonomous Systems, Boeing Defense, Space and Security (BDS)

Emily Hughes, Director, Boeing Phantom Works

Megan Davies, CEO, Insitu, Boeing Defense, Space & Security

Melissa Orme, Vice President Boeing Additive Manufacturing, Boeing

Stayce Harris, Member, Board of Directors, former United Captain, Boeing

Jacki Konesky, Managing Director, Product Marketing & Product Analysis, Boeing

Rachel Peterson, Government Relations Specialist, Boeing

Lola Lin, Chief Legal Officer, Howmet Aerospace

Amy E. Alving, Member, Board of Directors, Howmet Aerospace

Sharon Barner, Member, Board of Directors, Howmet Aerospace

Nicole W. Piasecki, Member, Board of Directors, Howmet Aerospace

Jody G. Miller, Member, Board of Directors, Howmet Aerospace

Catherine Rost, Director, Enterprise Marketing, OneWeb

Peggy Miller, CEO, PacStar

Eren Ozmen, Chair and President, Sierra Nevada Corporation

Janet Kavandi, EVP, Sierra Nevada Space Systems Group

Janet Petro, Director, Kennedy Space Center, NASA

Kathryn Lueders, Associate Administrator of the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, NASA

Huy T., Director of Aeronautics, NASA Ames Research Center

Patricia Sanders, Chair Independent Safety Aadvisory Committee, NASA 

Jeanette Epps, First Black woman to join International Space Station, NASA

MiMi Aung, Project Leader, Mars Ingenuity Helicopter mission, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Sandy Lozito, Division Chief, NASA Ames Research Center

Vanessa Wyche, Director, Johnson Space Center, NASA

Adina Valean, European Commissioner for Transport

Donna J. (DJ) Fox, Chief Financial Officer, Gamma Aerospace

Carol Craig Founder/CEO, Craig Technologies & Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions, Board of Directors, Vaya Space

Hilary King, VP/GM Sensing and Power Systems, Crane Aerospace and Electronics

Sandi Lee, SVP-Global Communications, L3Harris

Aisha Bowe, CEO, Founder, STEMBoard

Wally Funk, First Woman Astronaut Aboard Blue Origin First Human Flight, Blue Origin

Yen Matsutomi, Senior Director-Engines Design Office, Blue Origin

Erika Wagner, PhD, Payload Sales Director, Blue Origin

Johnene Vardiman-Ditmanson, Medical & Training Coordinator, Virgin Galactic

Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense

Tracy Frost, Director-Office of the Secretary of Defense Manufacturing Technology (OSD Mantech), Department of Defense

Shawn Skelly, Nominee, Assistant Secretary for Readiness, Department of Defense, Co-Founder, VP Out in National Security

Brenda “Sue” Fulton, Nominee for Assistant Secretary for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Department of Defense

Heidi Shyu, Nominee, undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, Department of Defense

Caroline Krass, Nominee, General Counsel, Department of Defense

Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson, Nominee, Commander United States Army Southern Command, Department of Defense

Christine Wormuth, Nominee, First Woman Secretary of the Army, Department of Defense

Barbara Barrett, Secretary US Air Force

Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, Nominee, Commander, Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base

Col. Nicole Malachowski, first woman Thunderbird pilot, the first woman to fly on any Department of Defense military jet demonstration team, fighter pilot

Capt. Katie Moorkamp, Executive Officer for the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron The Thunderbirds

Maj. Michelle Curran, Lead Solo Pilot for the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron The Thunderbirds

Maj. Remoshay Nelson, Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron The Thunderbirds

Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell, First African American Woman Fighter Pilot, 2000

Captain Amy Bauernschmidt, Commander, USS Abraham Lincoln, first woman to command a US nuclear carrier.

Jessica Kinman, Senior Manager Aerospace & Defense Industry Solution Experience, Dassault Systèmes

Sirisha Bandla, Vice President of Government Affairs and Research Operations, First Female Astronaut for Unity 22 Mission responsible for researcher experience, Virgin Galactic

Beth Moses, Chief Astronaut Instructor, First Female Astronaut, Cabin Lead and Test Director for Unity 22 Mission, Galactic

Civil Aviation/Aerospace

Anita Frew, Chair, Rolls Royce, first woman in 115 year history of company.

Jacqueline Sutton, CCO, Rolls Royce Commercial Aviation

Amanda Heslop, Chief Design Engineer – TP400 & Legacy Defence Engines at Rolls-Royce, Member We Are Tech Women

Susan Schofield, VP Strategy – Civil Airframe, GKN Aerospace

Trisha Frank, Vice President of Government Programs, Air Transport Services Group

Sophie Dekkers, CCO, easyJet

Pip Spence, CEO & Director Aviation Safety, Australia’s aviation Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General & CEO, ICAO

Nancy Graham, former FAA and head of the ICAO Air Navigation Bureau.

Capt. Aysha Alhameli, first UAE representative to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council, first female pilot in the United Arab Emirates

Sharon Bryson, Managing Director, National Transportation Safety Board

Jennifer Homendy, Chair, U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

Mary Claire Murphy, Executive Director, Government Affairs, Textron

Katherine Bennett OBE, Senior Vice President, Airbus

Sabine Klauke, CTO, Airbus

Amanda Simpson, Vice President of Research & Technology, Airbus Americas

Mari Mesri, Airline Marketing Director, Airbus

Grazia Vittadini, Chief Technology Officer, Airbus

Mary Ellen Jones, VP-Asia Pacific, Pratt & Whitney

Irene Makris, VP Sales and Marketing, Pratt & Whitney

Jennifer Caruso, VP Operations Transformation, Pratt & Whitney

Jennifer Reed, VP/GM Evacuation, Water and Lighting Solutions, Interiors Division, Collins Aerospace

Isolde Karro, VP/Chief Communications Officer, Collins Aerospace

Jennifer Schopfer, VP/Chief Information Officer, Digital Technology, Collins Aerospace

Tatum Buse, Chief Financial Officer, Collins Aerospace

Tanya Hooper, VP/Chief Human Resources Officer, Collins Aerospace

Nancy Welsh, Director of Marketing, Collins Aerospace

Catherine Rost, Senior Director Global Marketing, Satcom Direct

Joanne Walker, General Manager, Satcom Direct

Karen Gathercole, Vice President Human Resources, Satcom Direct

Marsha Woelber, head of Worldwide Executive Jets Customer Support and Aftermarket Sales, Embraer

Alana Forbes, Chief Financial Officer, Flyht

Victoria Foy, CEO, Safran Seats GB

Beth de Young, VP Business Development Aircraft Interiors-Lease Customers, Safran

Rosemary Brester, President, Hobart Machined Products Inc

Martine Gagné, Chief Technology Officer, Meggitt

Olga Razzhivina, Co-Founder & Senior ISTAT-Certified Appraiser, ORIEL, Inc.

Sonya Branco, EVP, President, CFO, CAE, Inc.

Helene Gagnon, SVP Public Affairs, Global Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, CAE Inc.

Abby Bried, VP and General Counsel, Panasonic Avionics

Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO, Lufthansa Cargo, EVP Lufthansa Group

Linda Markham, President, Cape Air

Jeanne Cook, Principal & VP Operations, Bankair

Tracie Walter, Vice President, Bemidji Aviation Services

Donna Nixon, General Manager, Wiggins Airways

Alexandra Florin, Manager, Aviation Technical Standards, Wing

Sandy Smith, Co-Chair of Board of Directors, Ameriflight

Sheri Larkin, Corporate Controller, Ameriflight

Dawn Deitmen, Director of Materials and Business Processes

Jamie Smith, Director of Corporate Communications

Dana Donati, General Manager, Director of Academic Programs, LIFT Academy, Republic Airways

Ashley Gomez, Chief Pilot, Republic Airways

Joanna Geraghty, President/COO, JetBlue

Ursula Hurley, Chief Financial Officer, JetBlue

Dr. Nancy Shane Hocking, Manager, Pilot Gateway Programs, JetBlue Airways, Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force

Jayne O’Brien, Head of Marketing and Loyalty, JetBlue

Dana Shapir Alviene, Vice President, Airports Experience, JetBlue

Whitnee Hawthorne, Vice President, Customer Support, JetBlue

Ursula Hurley, Head of Treasury and Investor Relations, JetBlue

Katherine Celli, VP Project Management and Continuous Improvement, JetBlue

Laurie Villa, Chief People Officer, JetBlue

Icema Gibbs, VP CSR and DEI, JetBlue

Carol Clements, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, JetBlue

Amy Burr, President, JetBlue Technology Ventures (JTV)

Michelle Horn, SVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Delta Airlines

Kristen Shovlin, VP Sales & Development, Delta Airlines

Julie Yates, Vice President-Investor Relations, Delta Airlines

 Sue Kolloru, EVP-Corporate Strategy, Delta Airlines

Crystal L. Barrois, Manager Pilot Development, Delta Airlines

Evita Garces, MD, Aircraft Maintenance Control, American Airlines

Jessica Tyler, President-Cargo, Vice President Operations Innovation & Delivery, American Airlines

Stacy Morrissey, VP Engineering and Quality, American Airlines

Alison Taylor, Chief Customer Officer, American Airlines

Elise Eberwein, Executive Vice President of People & Communications, American Airlines

Maya Leibman EVP/CIO, American Airlines Airlines

Molly Wilkinson, Vice President – Regulatory Affairs, American Airlines

Grace Hwang, Manager of Leisure Sales at American Airlines

Mecole “Cole” Brown, Chief People Officer, American Airlines

Caroline Clayton, Vice President of Global Engagement, American Airlines

Capt. Lori Legat, Managing Director Pilot Recruitment & Crew Accommodations, first female pilot to reach MD level, American Airlines

Lynne Embleton, CEO, Aer Lingus

JoAnn Tan, Divisional Vice President Business Transformation, Singapore Airlines

Bobbi Wells, Vice President for Safety and Airworthiness, FedEx Express

Anne Larilahti, Vice President Sustainability, Finnair

Christine Rovelli, Senior Vice President Finance & Fleet Management, Finnair

Kristin Colvile, first female CEO of a global airline alliance, SkyTeam Alliance

Robyn Grassanovits, VP Travel Products and Emerging Business, Cirium

Sylvia Bianchi, Head of Aircraft Architecture, 328 Support Services GmbH

Anna Galoni, CEO, Marsh Brothers Aviation

Olfa Hamdi, CEO, Tunisair

Genevieve Rosario, Head of Product Development & Service Design, Qatar Airways

Jayne Hrdlicka, CEO, Managing Director, Virgin Australia

Jean Lydon-Rodgers, President & CEO, GE Aviation Services

Tiziana Masullo, Managing Director and President, ATR Americas

Mirta De Benedictis, Head of Communications and Corporate Branding, ATR

Maria Della Posta – President, P&WC

Sumati Sharma, Vice President Special Projects, Virgin Atlantic

Dorota Bratowska, Managing Director. LOT Polish Airlines

Jóhanna á Bergi, CEO, Atlantic Airways

Yvonne Makolo, CEO, RwandAir

Veranita Yosephine, CEO, AirAsia

Aireen Omar, President, AirAsia Digital

Darshini Velayutham, Senior Executive, Network Management Center Operations Analyst, Air Asia

Anne Rigail, CEO, Air France

Maria Jose Hidalgo, CEO, Air Europa

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, CEO, VietJet Air

Sasha Johnson, VP Corporate Safety, United Airlines

Bonnie Turner, Managing Director, Airframe Repair and Overhaul, United Airlines

Kate Gebo, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Labor Relations, United Airlines

Doreen Burse, Senior Vice President-Worldwide Sales, United Airlines

Mary Ann Schaffer, Systems Chief Pilot, United Airlines

Jessica Kimbrough, Chief Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer, United Airlines

Linda Jojo, Executive Vice President of Technology and Chief Digital Officer, United Airlines

Carolina Cortizo, Managing Director, Wingo

Yvette Hollingsworth Clark, Board Member, Air Lease Corporation

Anna Goranson, Head of People, Airspace

Oana Petrescu, CEO, Blue Air

Nathalie Stubler, CEO, Transavia France

Veranita Yosephine Sinaga, CEO, Indonesia AirAsia

Vanessa Hudson, CFO, Qantas Group

Shilpa Bhatia, CCO, SpiceJet

Charlotte Svensson, CIO, SAS

Maria Jesus Lopez Solas, Director Commercial, Network Development and Alliances, Iberia

Leanne Geraghty, Chief Customer and Sales Officer, Air New Zealand

Constance von Muehlen, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, COO, Alaska Airlines

Toni Freeberg, Managing Director of Sales Alaska Airlines 

Captain Kisa Wiley, Base Chief Pilot, Horizon Air

Captain Kat Pullis, Base Chief Pilot, Alaska Airlines

Lillian Dukes SVP, Technical Operations at Atlas Air Worldwide

Tammy Romo, EVP and CFO, Southwest Airlines

Whitney Dix, Manager, Dispatch Training at Southwest Airlines, Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force

Kathleen Merrill, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer Technology, Southwest Airlines

Stacy Malphurs, Vice President Supply Chain Management, Southwest Airlines

Kay Weatherford, Vice President Revenue Management & Pricing, Southwest Airlines

Ellen Torbert, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, Southwest Airlines

Elizabeth Bryant, Vice President, Southwest Airlines University

Sonya Lacore, Vice President Inflight Operations, Southwest Airlines

Leah Koontz, Vice President Controller, Southwest Airlines

Julie Weber, Vice President and Chief People Officer, Southwest Airlines

Linda Rutherford, Executive Vice President People & Communications, Southwest Airlines

Whitney Eichinger, Managing Director, Culture and Engagement, Southwest Airlines

Tan Lee Chew, President Commercial, Member of the Group Executive Committee, ST Engineering

Carol Tomé, CEO, UPS

Iris Rich, VP, International Air Operations, UPS

Karen Gutman, SVP & Chief Sales and Solutions Officer, UPS Global Healthcare

Laura Lane, Chief Corporate Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Officer, UPS

Charlene Thomas, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

Nicole “Nikki” Clifton, President, The UPS Foundation

Louise Martin, VP Membership, Flight Safety Foundation

Mindy Drummond, Chief Administrative Officer, FlightSafety Interntional

Sheri Bartz, Engineering and Manufacturing Transformational Leader, Spirit Aerosystems

Sam Marnick, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Spirit AeroSystems

Mindy McPheeters, Chief Legal Officer, Spirit Aerosystems

Rachel Woods, CH-53K Program Manager, Spirit AeroSystems

Cindy Hoover, Vice President, Research & Development & Growth Programs, Spirit AeroSystems

Rachel Barrie, CEO, Global Aerospace Group

Mindy Gross, Director & Chief Business Development Offers, Rizse

Dominique Roland, Head of Policy, Innovation & Knowledge Department, European Aviation Safety Agency

Polly Trottenberg, Deputy Secretrary, Department of Transportation

Dr. Susan Northrup, US Federal Air Surgeon, Federal Aviation Administration

Shannetta R. Griffin, P.E.m Associate Administrator for the Office of Airports, Federal Aviation Administration

Jane Hanson, Non-Executive Director, UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Jean Rollo, President and COO, Launch Technical Workforce Solutions

Marie-Claude Payant, Vice President of Finance, Launch Technical Workforce Solutions

Natalie Rollo, Director Human Resources, Launch Technical Workforce Solutions

Monica Newhouse-Rodriguez, Managing Principal, Newhouse & Associates, LLC

Bianca Rhodes, President & CEO, Knight Aerospace

Sheryl Barden, President & CEO, Aviation Personnel International

Kay Ryan, Chief Commercial Officer, Loganair

Gina Radke, Owner/CEO, Galley Support Innovations, Vice Chair, Career Education Development Board, Washington State

Jessica Webster, Founder & President, The Hera Aviation Group

Colleen Back, Director Strategic Accounts, StandardAero

Caroline Vandedrinck, Senior Vice President, SR Technics

Susan Johnson, Project Engagement Manager, VP Aviation Technical Services

Heather Halvorson, SMS Program Manager, Frontier Airlines

Rebecca Henry, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Allegiant Air

Preeti Asthana, Director & Head of Global Programs, Innovation and Partnerships, Aon PLC

Captain Maria Ziadie-Haddad, first woman captain for Air Jamaica

Ellen M. Lord, Board of Directors Member, AAR Corp.

Lauren Sammes, Hydrogen Systems Fellow, subject matter expert on hydrogen technology and hydrogen safety, Universal Hydrogen

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Lindsey Gamell, Program Manager, TP Aerospace

Nancy Graham, President, Graham Aerospace International, former Director, ICAO Air Navigation Bureau

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Carol Giles, President, The Giles Group


Sarah MacLeod, Executive Director, Aeronautical Repair Station Association

Elizabeth Tennyson, Executive Director, You Can Fly program, AOPA

Emily Williams, Board Member, Air Charter Association

Sharon Pinkerton, SVP Legislative & Regulatory Policy, A4A

Patricia Vercelli, General Counsel, A4A

Lauren Beyer, Vice President for Security and Facilitation, A4A  

Cornelia B. Fischer, Co-Chair, Aviation Round Table, Thailand and German Aviation Research Society

Kathleen M. Guilfoyle, President-Elect, COO & VP Affiliations through the end of 2021, President from January 2022 – December 2023, International Aviation Womens Association

Megan Eisenstein, Managing Director, Industry & Regulatory Affairs, National Air Transportation Association

Kathy Yodice, Vice-Chair Legal Advisory Council, Experimental Aircraft Association

Montserrat Barriga, Managing Director, European Regions Airline Association

Elizabeth Clark, Executive Director, Women in Corporate Aviation

Laura Scanlan, President, Women in Corporate Aviation Int’l

Suzanne Neufang, Executive Director, Global Business Travel Association & Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE)

Ann Richart, Regional Director – Central Region NASAO

Amy Ludwig, Secretary- Executive Committee, NASAO

Tori Emerson Barnes, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy, US Travel Association

Nancy Zimini, Chief Administration and Operations Officer, Airports Council International

Annie Russo, Senior Vice President of Government and Political Affairs, Airports Council International

Deirdre L. Clemmons, Senior Vice President, Events and Strategic Partnerships, Airports Council International

Liying Gu, Vice President, Economic Affairs and Research, Airports Council International

Lieutenant Colonel Olga E. Custodio, Board Member, Latino Pilots Association, Executive Director, Women in Aviation International, first Hispanic woman to complete U.S. Air Force military pilot training, first female Hispanic U.S. military pilot

Amy Spowart, President and CEO, National Aviation Hall of Fame

Pamela Williams, Board Vice Chair, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Angela Carter, Chief Strategist, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison, Board of Advisors, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Carole Hopson, Board of Advisors, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Valerie Manning, Board of Advisors, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Anya Kearns, Program Director, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

A. Tomica Adams, Director Relationship Development, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Elizabeth Tennyson, Board of Advisors, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Bethoyia (Beth) Powell, Board of Advisors, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Samantha Magill, Vice Chair, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Dr. Mary Johnson, President, University Aviation Association

Dawn Vinson, Executive Director, University Aviation Association

Crystal Maguire, Executie Director, Aviation Technical Education Council

Gloria Guevara, CEO, World Travel & Tourism Council

Dr Alice Bunn, CEO, head of UK delegation to the European Space Agency, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Jo Damato, senior vice president, education, training and workforce development, NBAA

Heidi Williams, Director-Air Traffic Services and Infrastructure, NBAA

Martine Rothblatt, a pilot and aviation trailblazer and a pioneer in electric helicopters and advanced air mobility with Beta Technologies, received NBAA Meritorius Service Award 2021.

Kali Hague, pilot, flight instructor and attorney Kali Hague, Young Professional Director, Board of Directors, NBAA

Faye Black, President, Regional Airline Association

Adefunke Adeyemi, Regional Director of Advocacy and Strategic Relations for Africa, IATA

Nikki Malcolm, Chair, Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance

Shelli Brunswick, Chief Operating Officer, Space Foundation

Holly Roberts, Chief Financial Officer, Space Foundation

Elizabeth Y. Wagner, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Space Foundation

Jane Rasplicka, Vice President Finance & Accounting, Space Foundation

Allison McKay, CEO, Women in Aviation International

Jacqueline Sutton & Sumati Sharma, Co-Chairs, Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter

Lauren Lacey Haertlein, General Counsel & Director, Safety & Regulatory Affairs, General Aviation Manufacturers Association

Cate Brancart, Manager, European Operations and Safety, General Aviation Manufacturers Association

Angel Green, President. Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance

Lynette Ashland, VP, Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance

Stacey Rudser, Board Member, Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance, Women in Aviation Advisory Board

LeeAnn Levesque, Vice President Business Development, Security Products with Analogic was elected as Vice-Chair Security Manufacturers Coalition.

Yvette Rose, SVP &Board Member, Cargo Airline Association

Lizzie Kerr, Director, UKspace

Business/General Aviation, Advanced Air Mobiility

Stephanie Chung, Chief Growth Executive, Wheels Up

Laura Heltebran Chief Legal Officer, Wheels Up

Julia Zhang, Senior Vice President Pricing and Revenue Management, Wheels Up

Helina Teshome, Managing Director, Krimson Aviation

Rebecca Johnson, President EMEA, JetHQ 

Ève Laurier Vice President, Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing, Bombardier

Kathy Savitt, President & COO, Boom Supersonic

Susan Ying, Senior Vice President Global Operations, Ampaire, Vice President Aerospace, SAE Internation

Michele Rutledge, CEO, LighHawk

Rene Bangledorf, CEO, Charlie Bravo Aviation

Alexandria Colindres, CEO, Registry of Aruba

Jessica Naor, Member Board of Directors, Air Charter Safety Foundation

Denise Waye, Fournder & President, AirCARE1

Paula Kraft Founding Partner, DaVinci Inflight Training Institute

Mary Miller, Corporate Vice President, Industry and Government Affairs BBA Aviation/Signature Flight Support

Charlotte Pederson, CEO, Luxaviation

Deborah Aharon, CEO, Provo Air Center

Bonny Simi, Founder, Head of Air Operations and People, Joby Aviation

Kate Fraser, Head of Safety, Joby Aviation

Halimah DeLaine Prado, Google Generall Counsel, Member, Board of Directors, Joby Aviation

Laura Wright, Former Southwest CFO, Member, Board of Directors, Joby Aviation

Flavia Ciaccia, VP User Experience, Eve Urban Mobility

Alice Altissimo, VP Program Management, Eve Urban Mobility

Jessica Naor, COO, GrandView Aviation 

Denise Wilson, Founder & Past President/CEO, Desert Jet

Robin Eissler, Owner, jetAVIVA

Emily Deaton, COO, jetAVIVA

Kathy Oberbroeckling, VP Financial/Human Relations, JetAVIVA

Kandi Spangler, Director, JetAVIVA

Janine Iannarelli, Founder & President, Par Avion

Danielle McLean, CEO, Happy Take Off

Caycee Bradley, Managing Director, Van Allen

Jenna Mattison, Program Manager, Van Allen

Lisa Swartzwelder, Director Shuttle Operations & Flight Administration, L Brands

Nel Stubbs, Vice President, Conklin & deDecker

Lisa Holland, President, Sheltair

Beatrice Enckell Ashe, Director of Aircraft Management & MRO, Jet Aviation

Susan Friedenberg, CEO, Corporate Flight Attendant/Tech Training

Wendy Gavigan, VP Manager of Flight Operations, Citicorp

Candace Covington, Senior Director-Aviation, Adobe

Melanie Carney, Director of Aviation, Visa

Erin Reed, Chief Pilot, Visa

Catrina Capistrant, Assistant Chief Pilot, Visa

Kellie Rittenhouse, Director of Aviation, Hangar Aviation Management/Pilot Career Center

Leigh Ann Beckett, Assistant Manager of Aviation, Xcoal Energy & Resources

Elaine Karabatsos, Director of Maintenance, Encompass Health Corp

Shannon Hotchkin, Director of Maintenance, Nike flight department, Member Society of Women Engineers

Katie Johnson, VP Human Resources, West Star Aviation

Jennifer Alessio, Director of Aviation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Elaine Karabatsos Director of Maintenance, Aviation, Encompass Health Corp.

Jennie Ator, Director Aviation Services, Xcel Energy

Traci Beck, Chief Pilot, Verizon

Rachel McKay, VP of Programs, Overwatch Imaging

Kelly Jost, Managing Engineer, C&S Companies

Ashley Udick, General Manager Aero Center Lakeland, SAR Trilogy Management

Kriya Shortt, SVP Parts & Programs, Textron Aviation

Victoria Tuffy, VP, Human Resources, Piper

Jacqueline Carlon, Senior Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Piper

Bethany Davis, Director Flight Innovation/Advanced Flight Deck, Gulfstream Aerospace

Kimberly Perkins, Founder and President of Aviation for Humanity 

Lynn Gordon, Vice President of Business Development, Arconas Corporation

Tracy Miller, President, Mid-Atlantic Aerospace Complex

Jodie Brown, Founder Summit Solutions

Sharon Barner, VP and Chief Administrative, Cummins

Karen McKinnon, President & Treasurer, CE Avionics


Joan Hertz, Board Chair, Edmonton International Airport

Kirsten Ruus, Enterprise Director of Finance, Broward County Aviation Department. 

Kim Becker, President & CEO, San Diego International Airport

Marge Basrai, EVP/CFO, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

Davita Taylor, VP Procurement and Business Diversity, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

Jeanne Olivier, Assistant Director-Security Operations and Programs Department, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Patty Clark, Chief Aviation Strategy Officer, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Ulla Lettijeff, SVP, Helsinki Airport & member of Finavia’s Executive Group

Karen Taylor, Managing Director, Gloucestershire Airport

Rosina Kotey, Innovation Lead, Royal Schiphol Group

Jacqui Johnson, Managing Director & Founder, JCJ Consulting Ltd; Board Member, British Aviation Group; Deputy Chair Airport Consultants Group

Barbara Yamamoto, Director of Business Development, PSM Squared, Inc, formerly CEO, Los Angelese World Airports

Judy Ross,  Assistant Director-Aviation, Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport

Kim Day, CEO, Denver International Airport

Janet Bressler, Director of Risk Management, Denver International Airport

Gladys Brown, Airport Director, Yuma Interernational Airport

Corinne Nystrom, Airport Director, Mesa-Falcom Field Airports

Tracy Williams, Director, Bend Municipal Airport, First African American female to become an accredited airport executive through the American Association of Airport Executives

 Jamie L. Rhee, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Aviation,

Maria Sheridan, Airport Manager, Teterboro Airport

Chellie Cameron, CEO, Philadelphia International Airport,

Candace McGraw, CEO, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Stéphane Poirier, president & CEO, Quebec City Jean-Lesage International Airport

Kelly Campbell, Executive Director-Aviation, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport

Christina Cassotis, CEO, Pittsburg International Airport

Emma Gilthorpe, Executive Director of Expansion, Heathrow

Deborah Ale Flint, CEO, Toronto Pearson Airport

Joyce Carter, CEO, Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Kate Sherry, Aviation Airector, Edinburgh airport

Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, CEO, St. Louis Lambert International Airport

Monica Lambrana, CEO, El Paso International Airport

Tamara Vrooman, CEO, Vancouver International Airport

Jacqueline Yaft, CEO, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Marsha Stone, Senior Director Commercial Enterprise, Indianapolis Airport

Cindy Nichol, CEO, Sacramento Interantional Airport

Rebecca Hupp, CEO, Boise Airport

Danette Bewley, President/CEO of the Tucson Airport Authority, Member Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) Board of Directors 

Yasmina Platt, Senior Airport Planner, AECOM

Aviation/Aerospace Educators

Sharon DeVivo, President/CEO, Vaughn College, Chair Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force

Graciela Tiscareno-Sato, CEO, Author Good Night Captain Mama, Gracefully Global Group LLC

Dr. Karrie Dixon, Chancellor; The University of North Carolina System, Women in Aviation Advisory Board

Timiebi U. Aganaba, DCL, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University and Member, Science Advisory Board, Seti Institute

Christina Martinez, Executive Director, Dee Howard Foundation

Lynn Strickland, Executive Director, Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee

Lindsey Dreiling, Executive Director of Aviation Strategy; Kansas State University, Women in Aviation Advisory Board

Dr. Mary Johnson, President, Purdue University, Board Member, University Aviation Association

Dr. Rebecca Lutte, Associate Professor; the University of Nebraska at Omaha Aviation Institute, Women in Aviation Advisory Board

Suzanne Markle, President & CEO, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, Women in Aviation Advisory Board

Colonel Martha Morris, Civil Air Patrol, Women in Aviation Advisory Board

Kasey Herzberg, Executive Director, Challenger Learning Center of Minnesota, Director of Engineering, Aircraft Data Fusion, Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force

Tammera Holmes, President and Chief Executive Officer; Aerostar Avion Institute, Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force

Laura Jones, Executive Director and Founder, Flight Club 502, Women in Aviation Advisory Board

Shannon Morrison, Assistant Director, Academics and Program Assessment, The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies

Lee Brewster, Director Communications & Industry Engagement, ATP

Lashonda Clarke, Assistant Professor Aviation Maintenance Scient, Department of Aviation Maintenance Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Derren Kuhn, Assistant Professor Aviation Maintenance Science, Departmetn of Aviation Maintenance Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Aviation Museums

Ellen Stofan, Director, Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

Dorothy Cochrane, Aeronautics Curator, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Stephanie Abrams, Executive Director, New England Air Museum

Kathy Wadsworth, President, Kat Baloons, Board of Directors, New England Air Museum

Erica Leonard, Board of Directors, New England Air Museum


Sara Nelson, President, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

Maryanne DeMarco, Executive Director, Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations

Patricia Gilbert, Executive Vice President, National Air Traffic Controllers Association

Trish Gilbert, Executive Vice President, National Air Traffic Controllers Association

Kassandra Bernskoetter, Chair, National Membership Committee, ALPA

On Their Shoulders….

Michele Evans, EVP, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Fiona McKay, Former Deputy Executive Director, Director-Business Development, Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance,

Angela Gittens, Former Director General of Airports Council International (ACI World), Former Director Atlanta & Miami Airports

Debby McElroy, Former EVP Airports Council International – North America, Former President Regional Airline Association

Heather Wilson, former Secretary of the Air Force

Deborah Lee James, former Secretary Air Force

Marta Bohn-Meyer, first woman crewmember aboard SR-71

Linda Hudson, President of BAe Systems in 2009

Colleen Barrett, President of Southwest Airlines in 2001

Camille Keith, VP Special Marketing, Southwest, First Woman Officer of major US airline

Christa McAuliffe, First Teacher in Space, perished in the Challenger accident 1987

Barbara Morgan, Educator Astronaut, first flew in 2007

Dr. Dorothy M. Simon, once referred to as “the most important woman in space science and possibly the most important lady scientist in the country,” combustion researcher at the NACA’s Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory, leading expert on rocket propulsion systems, a pioneering female in corporate management, and a lifelong advocate for women in the sciences.

Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Educator Mission Specialist, 2010 First Astronaut to begin her space pursuit at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp

Sally K Ride PhD, First American Woman in Space, NASA

Kathryn Sullivan, Member of the first space shuttle astronaut class, first American woman to walk in space, NASA

Mae Jemison, First African American Woman Astronaut to fly in space, NASA

Stephanie Wilson, Second African American Woman Astronaut to fly in space, three missions. 2006-2010

Judith Resnick, First Jewish Astronaut, perished in the Challenger accident, NASA,

Linda Godwin, Retired Astronaut, NASA

Sandra Magus, PhD, Retired Astronaut, Former Executive Director of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

Eileen Collins, First Woman Shuttle Pilot and Commander, NASA

Lucy Stone, First Woman Mechanical Engineer, NASA Simulation Laboratories

Kitty O’Brien Joyner,  electrical engineer, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and its successor, NASA  

Shana Dale, Deputy Administrator and highest ranking woman at NASA 2005-2009

Cady Coleman, first woman to fly aboard Mir space station, 1996

Dorothy Johnson Vaughan, mathematician and human computer, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and NASA Langley Research Center

Mary Jackson, First Black Woman Aeronautical Engineer National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and NASA

Katherine Johnson, Mathemetician Critical to Space Flight, Introduced Geometry to Figure Orbital and Lunar Flight Paths, NASA

Annie Easley, Mathemetician working on Centaur Project which led to launch of Cassini space probe.

Nancy Grace Roman, NASA’s First Female Executive, Founder, Space Astronomy Program as First Chief of Astronomy, NASA

Ellen Ochoa, director of the Johnson Space Center, Engineer, First Hispanic Female Astronaut, NASA

Anna Lee Fisher, First Astronaut Mom in Space, NASA

Marcia Buckingham, First Female Ground Spacecraft Operator, NASA

Wally Funk, First Woman to Complete Mercury Test Program, NASA, First Woman to Complete FAA GA Operations Inspectors Course and Safet Inspector, FAA

Sunni Williams, US Astronaut, First to Run the Boston Marathon in Space, NASA

Laura Hoppe, First Female Instrument & Communications Officer Flight Controller, NASA

Susan Helms, First Woman Crewmember Aboard International Space Station, NASA

Peggy Whitson, First Woman to Command the International Space Station, NASA

Kalpana Chawla, First Indian-American Woman astronaut, first Indian woman in Space, perished in Columbia accident 2003

Chiaki Mukai, First Japanese Woman to Fly in Space, 1994

Ellen Ocha, First Hispanic woman in space in 1993 as Director Flight Crew Operations, retired as Director Johnson Space Center, NASA

Dava Newman, Deputy Administrator for NASA, professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics at MIT, best known for her designs of a pressure by tension BioSuit

Mary E. Peters Secratary of Transportation, Department of Transportation

Elizabeth Dole, Secretary of Transporation, Department of Transportation

Jane Garvey, First Women Administrator for U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. Later she became First Woman Chair of United Continental Holdings

Marion Blakey, Administrator, FAA

Peggy Gilligan, former head of Aviation Safety (AVS-1), Federal Aviation Administration

Wally Funk, first female Federal Aviation Administration inspector, FAA; first female air safety investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board

Maria Jeanmaire, Retired Chief Pilot, Harley Davidson Company

Peggy Chabrian, Founder and Past President, Women in Aviation International

Bonnie Tiburzi Caputo, First Female Pilot for a Major Airline, American Airlines, 1973

Emily Howell Warner, first woman captain of a scheduled US airline, Frontier Airlines, 1976

Captain Deborah Lawrie, In the late 1970s, was the first woman to become a pilot at a major Australian airline after winning a landmark discrimination case against Ansett Airlines