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Analysis: Youth Task Force Presents Daunting Challenges but Energizing Solutions

Credit: Upsplash

The Youth Access to Aviation Jobs in America Task Force (YIATF) set out the herculean tasks needed to turn the great recommendations from its just released report into reality. Reading the YIATF report is as daunting as it is hopeful, but no one said this “moon shot” would be easy.

Recommendations include:

  • Massive increase in funding for education and aviation/aerospace career promotion and education
  • Recommendations on a variety of funding mechanisms including user fees
  • K-12 content creation for libraries, parents, teachers, guidance counselors
  • Development of aviation-related games and social media
  • Launching aviation/aerospace promotion programs as early as possible
  • Single website for all aviation/aerospace related resources and information
  • Dual enrollment programs for simultaneous high school and college
  • Stackable credentialling
  • Mentoring and career coaching from school through career
  • Education reform to address affordability
  • Professional development to teach the teachers about aviation/aerospace careers
  • National and regional advisory committees to develop and oversee efforts
  • Congressional action to raising funding to nationwide effort
  • FAA regulatory reform of aviation-related training programs
  • Industry Culture Reform

But to get recommendations done will mean industry reform as well since it is one of the biggest obstacles. Industry has called for workforce development programs for years usually pointing at someone else to do the heavy lifting or preferring to go it alone. It, however, must understand we cannot rely on “someone else,” or fly solo but must gather our forces to what needs to be done ourselves. With its many recommendations, industry must now take up the gauntlet because we know we can do it. All we need is organization. Read entire analysis.

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