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Using the Calendar to Promote Aviation/Aerospace Careers

Credit: Dreamstime

As National Aviation Day Approaches on August 19, it is only one of many aviation days to celebrate

One of the key workforce needs in the aviation/aerospace is promoting industry careers and it may be surprising just how many aviation anniversaries occur during the year providing numerous opportunities for airports, flight schools, FBOs, aviation organizations and aviation/aerospace companies to introduce themselves to their local communities and spread the word about future careers. And, perhaps, drum up some new business or an appreciation for the local airport while they’re at it.  

Anyone watching The Today Show or any similar media will know they are driven by the calendar. In January, it is tackling the excesses of the holiday season with new diets and exercises. In February, it is Black History Month and Valentine’s Day. In March, it is International Women’s History Month and spring fashion and so on throughout the year.

The industry must take advantage of what the mainstream media is already doing by highlighting significant events and trends on the calendar. Mainstream media is already covering women and black aviators during these months thanks to airlines and aviation companies promoting their diversity bone fides by talking about black and women employees during Black History Month and International Women’s Month. But it must keep the momentum going throughout the year and there are plenty of opportunities. (See Aviation/Aerospace Calendar of Events)

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