Why do we need this newsletter?


  • Few are covering all the aviation/aerospace promotion efforts in K-12 education, diversity or recruiting and retention, all serious issues in aviation & aerospace .
  • We all agree our greatest hurdle is convincing coming generations aviation and aerospace are not the old industrial complexes that is now our reputation.
  • Everyone agrees the industry has done a poor job raising the visibility of the opportunities existing in aviation and aerospace for well-paid, challenging and critical jobs.
  • Coverage does not give us the tools we need to compete with Silicon Valley or new employers developing advanced materials and manufacturing.
  • We know with unmanned systems, advanced air mobility, aviation innovation incubators, commercial space, environmental issues, changing powerplant technology and connected aircraft, the industry can give Silicon Valley and others a run for their money any day.
  • Government, companies, associations and schools are so busy creating workforce development programs no one is weaving it together into a big picture that benefits everyone.
  • No one is covering shortages in other disciplines including ATC, dispatch, data analysis, aircraft and interior design and engineering, IT and cybersecurity.
  • No one is covering what the industry is doing to get someone from the classroom to the maintenance bay, design center, production line or flight deck.
  • Covid furloughs have changed nothing when it comes to industry shortages except accelerate boomer retirements which was driving shortages in the first place.

Kathryn B. Creedy

The newsletter is the creation of Kathryn B. Creedy who has a solid track record of identifying voids in aviation coverage and moving to fill them. She began her aviation career creating Commuter/Regional Airline News to cover the intense activity of the post-deregulation regional airline industry, building it to become the bible of the regional airline industry. Creedy has also developed and edited several other aviation publications.

She has covered aviation workforce issues since 2013 and continued to write extensively on workforce challenges including diversity, work rule issues, aviation maintenance technicians and pilots. Her byline has appeared in Forbes Online and CNN on these issues and in numerous other publications including Aviation for Women, BBC Capital, Air & Space, Leeham News & Analysis, Aviation for Girls, AFAR.com, Flightglobal, Business Travel Executive, Los Angeles Times, Aviation Maintenance, Aerospace Tech Review, Transportation Security International, The Points Guy, Flyer Talk and Runway Girl Network.

Check out her LinkedIn profile.

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