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What Future Aviation/Aerospace Workforce News Delivers

One of the principle missions of Future Aviation/Aerospace Workforce News is connecting the dots, putting everyone on the same page. Everyone needs to know the research and the resources available, much of it not as widely known or used as it should be.

For that reason, we will unashamably link to what could be called free content unless you consider the work it takes to gather this content into a report you can use to do your job better and faster. That’s why you should subscribe. Those links will keep us informed and inspired for the next steps. Yes, you could probably find this content on your own, but do you have the time and can you turn it into a narrative that will make your job easier the way FA/AW News can?

We also need to build a business case for the many initiatives needed to prepare for the future. We need to marshall all the studies showing doing good boosts the bottom line. Building the future workforce is not a matter of ticking a box but rather a wholesale cultural change ensuring jobs work for everybody.

We need to make the business case for transforming aviation education and training, to ensure students are working with the latest technologies and avionics instead of engines that are no longer flying. We also need regulatory reform for training, bringing in 21st Century teaching methods instead of 50-year-old, by-the-book teaching which doesn’t allow us to pivot and shift as fast as technology does. We need to support these initiatives but we need to know about them first.

We need to develop the tools necessary to reach the next generation down to kindergarten. While many have developed those tools, can we afford to invent the same wheel or do we need to ensure everyone knows about them and can build on them? We need to answer why aviation, why aerospace and how one’s interest in gaming can be turned into career in our industry. FA/AW News will do that.

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FA/AW News is available at a special introductory rate of $300 annually, a 40% reduction on its regular rate. Enterprise rates are available by contacting us.

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